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    Thank you, esteemed patron of the theatre arts, for hitting that Donate button! We get that you're excited about supporting Block St's mission to bring you great theatre, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do exactly that!

   Block St is thrilled to announce that we've received fiscal sponsorship from the amazing folks at the Northwest Arkansas Creative Arts Network to accept donations as a 501(c)(3) non-profit! That means anything you give will be tax deductible.

   We fund 90% of our budget through ticket sales (a much higher percentage than a typical non-profit), but your generous donation helps us get that crucial last piece that allows us to take on the theatre projects you love seeing.

   Check out all the great benefits associated with the different levels of giving. Every donation is appreciated!


   You're not one to sit idly by and watch others having all the fun.  You want a piece of the action--to participate and be a part of things,

You want to throw your hat in the ring and take your shot, and you know that every donation counts.  You're no railbird, you're a player!


PERK: Players are recognized on the Flamingo & Decatur program.


   Ask any dealer, cocktail server, or valet attendant who makes the Vegas economy go, and they'll all tell you the same thing--the George. 

What's a George?  Someone whose friendly and jovial personality makes the game fun for everybody--

not to mention their well-earned reputation as a generous tipper.  You're no stiff, you're a George!


PERK: All Player Level benefits plus a DVD of the performance.


   Anyone who's spent time at a Vegas casino has seen someone having a great run at the tables.

Maybe it's the famous good luck of a first-time gambler, or maybe it's their sunny disposition causing fortune to smile upon them--no one knows for sure.

But everyone wants a chance to be that person, if only just once.  You're no sad sack, you're a lucky duck!


PERK: All George Level benefits plus an official show poster signed by the cast.

THE PRO | $100

    Plenty of gamblers who show up in Vegas not knowing the difference between boxcars and snake-eyes on the craps table.  And that's part of the fun.  But then you have your pro, who's been around the block a time or two and knows the score.

They've cased the action and know exactly how much to bet and precisely when to make their move.  You're no fish, you're a pro!


PERK: All Lucky Duck Level benefits plus a deck of custom 100% plastic casino-quality Flamingo & Decatur poker cards.

THE SHARP | $250

     When the point spread on a football game makes a sudden move just before gametime, there's only one reason--the casinos realize the sharps have pounced on a weak line.  What's a sharp?  Someone who has an uncanny ability to spot value and then extract that value with a decisive play.

And that's as true at the theatre as it is at the sportsbook.  You're no punter, you're a sharp!


PERK: All Pro Level benefits plus two tickets (any night, including Jan 11 opening/cast party.


Playing for low stakes can be a lot of fun, but some folks need a little more on the line in order to get their juices flowing.  The high roller can be found right in the very center of all the action.  They like to bump up the stakes, but also know how to stay within their means.

Above all, they like to have a sizable impact on things--like this production!  You're no grinder, you're a high roller!


PERK: All Sharp Level benefits plus two tickets (four total, any night, including Jan 11) plus a bottle of Andrew Will Cellars cabernet.

THE BIG OP | $1000

   Op in Vegas stands for "operator," and we're not talking about connecting your phone calls.  An operator is a string-puller, a rain-maker, a wheeler-dealer.  And the Big Op is the straw that stirs the drink.  The Big Op is a catalyst--the spark that ignites the flame.  We're talking about someone with the ability to make things happen--like amazing non-profit theatre, for example.  You're no piker, you're a Big Op!


PERK: All High Roller Level benefits plus four tickets (eight total, any night, including Jan 11)

plus a bottle Cade, Howell Mtn, cabernet from 2009, the year the play is set!

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